Is stevia extract safe to use

After over 500 years of safe use by mankind it’s all about time to see that stevia and stevioside are not dangerous. There have been tests demonstrating that stevioside doesn’t cause cancer. There have been tests demonstrating that it can provoke insulin secretion in diabetics resulting in blood sugar normalization. There has been tests demonstrating that stevioside is successful in lowering blood pressure. This along with the tests demonstrating that it will not increase the glucose levels in healthy humans, and does not have any affect on reproduction. In addition to tests demonstrating that stevioside doesn’t cause cancer.

Article claiming Stevia and Stevioside dangerous debunked

Some people, reporters, organizations and agencies appear to possess a plan to keep this excellent, wholesome product that is safe from the hands of those who is able to use stevia and stevioside. There have been untrue reports spread out that stevioside is mutagenic. implying it may cause cancer. That’s actually a falsehood. There have been studies demonstrating that stevioside isn’t mutagenic. That it’s absolutely safe.

Within an article within the May problem of CSPI’s Nutrition Action Healthletter (NAH), David Schardt states that within the test tube, a derivative of stevia called stevitol, could be transformed into a mutagen. “Until we understand whether this mutagen is created in people, stevia CAn’t be deemed secure,” says Schardt.

Incorrect! The reality is Stevia and Stevioside were demonstrated safe and non-mutegenic i.e. non cancer triggering based on a released study National Academy of Sciences USA. They state, “Stevioside, a constituent of Stevia rebaudiana, is popular like a non-caloric sugar alternative in Japan. In line with reports within the literature, we’ve found that stevioside isn’t mutagenic.” The test tube derivative David Schardt was talking about is stevitol.

To help reveal his frivolous claim, in studies performed in Thailand it was demonstrated that consumption of 80 times greater than the recommended appropriate everyday consumption of stevioside in people “is deemed having no observable effect.”


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