Political Correctness and Personal Freedom

Voltaire once said “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” As he was defending the right of free speech for everybody, Voltaire (1694-1778) was verbalizing the principle that no government, person, or group has the right to control what we say.

Born an Englishman, George Orwell had knowledge of the [Socialist] Fabian Society that had taken root in England in the late 1800’s. In 1949 Orwell wrote his famous book “1984” that depicted, among other things, “political correctness” run amuck, where the dictionary had been reduced down to a few pages of words the population could use without getting arrested. This concept was devised by people who wanted to mask the ugly truth about their ambitions to subjugate societies to their will. Using misleading terminology like social justice, human rights, equality, and solidarity, the Socialists attracted followers that believed in an egalitarian society where everyone was equal. Since people of that day generally believed that everyone was equal in the eyes of God, the Socialists removed God from the equation and inserted themselves as the arbiters of right and wrong. With this paradigm shift of power from God to Socialism, they began deciding who had the right to live in the society they were creating.

Fabian Society member George Bernard Shaw promoted the idea of killing  undesirables as an act to cleanse society’s gene pool. This concept, commonly known as “eugenics”, had many intellectuals as followers. One of these so called intellectuals was Margaret Sanger.

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood in 1916, wanted to eradicate Black people from American society, so she devised the plan to implement birth control among American Blacks to keep them from reproducing. In this application of Political Correctness, notice that “Planned Parenthood” sounds much better than black genocide.

Since intellectuals are convinced that they are more intelligent and better educated than “common folk” they also believe they should be in charge of making decisions for them. Out of this fertilizer came the thorn of Fabian Socialism.

When masking your true intentions for the destiny of mankind, you need to gag the mouths of those who see through your B.S. The first step is to demonize other points of view, calling them racist, sexist, homophobic, and worse. After this tactic begins to work, and when you have enough votes in Congress, you pass laws making it a felony to utter certain words. Afterwards, anyone opposed to what you are doing can be put in jail.

Welcome to “Political Correctness”.

Today the culture of Political Correctness has turned society on its head. It is a disease of thinking that constantly contradicts itself. This is because it is used to avoid discussing issues on their own merit. If you are cornered by a question that would expose you for the charlatan that you are, simply claim that the question is “racist”, ending the discussion. The pervasive use of this non sequitur dodge has unfortunately become commonplace and acceptable.

An application of this principle goes something like this:

A Senator wants to pass a law giving twelve million illegal aliens citizenship. This move is intended to create loyal voters for his next election. He uses the word “fairness” to disguise his intentions and appear as a “caring” politician. Should any actual American Citizen resent this flagrant move to buy votes using tax dollars he simply calls them “bigots”. This is in fact what Senator Lindsey Graham did while accepting the National Council of La Raza ‘Capitol Award’. Witness  Senator Graham exercising “Political Correctness” to silence any opposition to his smarmy attempt to stay in office.

In conclusion, the real question is whether Senator Lindsey Graham is a Fabian Socialist because he uses their inventions to silence any opposition and counter criticism of his Progressive policies.

You be the judge.