RINO – The Bain Of Political Representation

When career Politicians run for re-election, doesn’t it remind you of Albert Einstein’s quote about “insanity”?

Quote: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Every election season we get regaled with the same lies and misconceptions, packaged in sound bites for public consumption. As Politicians largely believe we are “stupid” and are not paying attention [see the website for link], they pour tens of millions of dollars into ads, trotting out the same time worn garbage to get elected. In the past when we got sick of this mind-numbing diatribe we switched off the TV/radio in disgust. To make matters worse, we stayed home rather than voting, believing that the next Senator would be much the same as the last.

Before the Socialists became a powerhouse in our national government, things didn’t get so bad that we feared for our jobs, our Constitution, our money, our way of life, and the ultimate destination of The United States of America. Today that is not true, and worse most people believe that the “American Dream” is dead.

Well, it looks like the days of spectating from the sidelines is over. Over, that is, if you don’t mind having your income given to someone that you don’t even know, provided that you are even employed.

The ‘Progressive’ Left [read Socialist] has for the past 50+ years wormed their way into the nerve system of American Government with the intent of ‘Changing’ it from a “Representative Republic” to a “Socialist State”.

Back in Bill Ayers terrorist days, blowing up a few Government buildings was a means to this end. When it finally dawned on the ‘subversive activists’ that carnage was making them more enemies than friends they changed their tactics. So changing tactics, the “activists” assaulted education, religion, mass media, journalism, and the courts in an effort to destroy American ideals. They took pointers from Communist play books like “Rules for Radicals” by Communist Saul Alinsky, who stated that the best system for opposing The United States had already been established by the Communist Soviet Union. As Christ said, “For you always have the poor with you”, old Saul found a ready army of people hungry for things they didn’t have. Using that hunger and the knowledge that poor people had little to lose, Alinsky became a “community organizer” with a Progressive mission. All he needed to do now was give the poor the tools to take wealth from those better off financially. First try at the ballot box, and if that failed, start a riot.

Well, the politicians needed votes to stay in their plush offices in Washington D.C., not to mention being treated as “Perfumed Princes” by the public, so deception became the name of the game. Telling constituents that they were working hard for them, politicians were working quietly in the background, undermining our freedoms by passing laws to buy poor people’s votes with our own tax money.

With all the under the table deals, midnight secret meetings, graft, payola, and closed door meetings, Washington D.C. became a ripe venue for political corruption.

Politicians soon learned to use ‘sound-bite’ commercials portraying themselves as champions of the “downtrodden masses”. Making promises that by passing the bills they sponsored, they would end poverty in this country. Well that worked out, didn’t it?

Then 2008 happened.

When the voters woke up and started listening, they found that their old buddy Politicians, like Senator Lindsey Graham were playing them for fools.

Listening to Senator Graham constantly claiming to be a “Conservative” should tell you something is wrong. Senator Graham’s legislative activities and friends were anything but conservative. Simply put, this is lip service designed to keep his seat in Washington.

Well, Senator Graham is coming up for election in 2014, and Conservatives in South Carolina will be up to speed for his defeat in that election. To stay informed and up-to-date, click on the links to other Conservative websites. There is a building alliance of like minded American Conservatives working hard to give you the information you need to make the right decision. When Graham faces reelection again, it will be the preponderance of evidence against this RINO that makes him a private citizen once more.