Weaponized Arrogance

Has anyone noticed that when a lawyer gets to Washington, they instantly know “everything” and have become an authority on what is good for the “common folk”? This scenario has been repeated so often that it is barely noticed anymore. Matter of fact, we have actually come to expect the people we vote for to climb up on the nearest chair to begin looking down their noses at us.

Congress is chock-full of these “genius politicians” who make critical decisions everyday that could result in nuclear war, or worse. [Worse meaning: a laboratory generated virus that kills the entire human race over an agonizing period of years.]

Do these politicians take these responsibilities seriously? Yes.

Do they have the expertise or education to know what they are talking about? In almost all cases, no.

Example: Has anyone reading this article ever called a politician to help them balance their checkbook?

The evidence of this is clear when you ask the simple question: Has anyone ever heard a politician say “I don’t know”? You can probably count on one hand [with the fingers missing] the number of times you have heard a politician say “I don’t know”.

So pervasive is the arrogance among the “perfumed Princes and Princesses” of Washington that it has even spread to the thousands of people working for them. Should you be running low on “attitude” one day, call one of the seven offices Senator Graham maintains and talk to the first person that answers the phone. Say something like, “I resent Graham’s nomination of Radical Progressive Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court”. Now, brace yourself for the political drone’s snarky response.

A poignant example of this superior attitude follows:

Richard Quinn, a South Carolina “strategist” for John McCain’s 2000 campaign and Senator Lindsey Graham’s political consultant, had some choice words for anyone who objected to Graham confirmation of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. Quinn called Graham a “thinking person’s conservative” and said he expected Graham would do well with voters who have “triple-digit IQs”.

Yup, that’s right, if you don’t get what Senator Graham is doing, turn yourself in at the nearest school for the mentally challenged. Hey, South Carolinians are just a bunch of redneck rubes, what do you expect?

Senator Graham’s best buddy and bill supporting partner, Senator John Kerry, has the same disease. Senator Kerry announced that voters that do not support Democrats are “stupid”.

The standard epithet used against voters is “stupid”, but the truth be known, it is more like “complacent”. We keep putting these egregiously arrogant people back in office when they should have never served a second term. What is obvious is that after a while they come to believe the feces they keep trying to feed us.

So protect yourself and remember the watchword; Question Authority!

Stay tuned for “An ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure” coming to a blog near you.