What are the functions of political parties

There are a lot of people who do not have a very clear idea about the functions of political parties and it is for the benefit of these people that I have put together bits and pieces of information I could find on related topics. Since the olden days political parties are the ones that have changed the future of the nation and really the leaders of these political parties have been the ones who have made policies that have either taken the nation up or down. It is very interesting to study the functions of political parties and a lot of people actually enjoy going into the history to know about their nation has reached its present state today. We often read about debates being held between democrats and republicans but I am very sure a vast majority of people would not know the difference between the policies and ideologies of either.

I feel the present political situation is whole lot complicated than it seems. If we go through our history we will see that in our nation control of the government has changed between two major political parties. It started with the Democrats and the Whigs. In the 1850’s Whigs party was dissolved and was replaced by the Republican Party. Americans change the party when they are tired of their rule and replace it with another. They elect the members of another party to Congress or the Presidency of United States.

Throughout the history of twentieth century, we have seen that other nations have let themselves be ruled by one party and this has led to disastrous consequences. Examples are the Nazi Germany and the Communist Russia. This has lead to dictatorship and severs consequences. Lead to world wars and starvations. This type leads to complete downfall of the nation and it takes years to build a nation all over again.

This is not a case in United States; our democratic system gives us the power to be governed by two party systems not letting anyone party to maintain power permanently, which ultimately allows the American people to control the party instead of other way round.

Even if there are strong points, there is one weakness in our political party, just like other countries the functions of political parties is to unite people they also have the tendency to potentially divide the nation. No one party can have control over the government unless there are some major changes in the government. We should make sure American citizenship takes priority over party loyalty. It is one of the main problems with the congress and the presidency. The party is too busy scoring points for their own parties that they lose sight of welfare of the nation.

As a citizen of this nation we should understand the functions of the political parties. We should encourage and facilitate greater political involvement. We should not show any party too much of loyalty. The reason our nation’s political system is so vital is because of active participation of the citizens.  We should focus our votes for the good of this nation rather than towards a political party. These parties are mere tools for America to function properly instead of American people becoming tools to the function of the political parties.